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USA based company with overseas pricing.

About Our Business

I started this company because I had a necessity that turned into an experience that could be shared with others.. A few years back I was in the market for video cards of my own for my business. I saw that companies in the US were charging an arm and a leg for these, so I looked to overseas, to China specifically, for reasonable prices. My first order was satisfactory, but as soon as I placed a second order, the company took my money and ran. So, I looked for other options. The next company delivered the product, but the quality was awful! The cards arrived damaged and didn’t even work. I lost money again.

After losing thousands of dollars I finally found an amazing company that delivered a great product. After using them a few times I realized what a hassle and headache it was to find a good company and buy these video cards at a reasonable rate. This was an untapped marketing tool in the USA and I knew I had to bring it to the states. Right then and there I decided to try to make a wholesale deal with the factory. They gave me  very nice deal since I would be re-selling the cards. What I then do is just charge their “normal” rate and I take the percentage difference. You are still getting them for the same price but dealing with just me.

Since then we have created thousands of cards for our clients. What is unique about my business is that you get cheap prices from overseas but with the trust and credibility of a US based company. All payment and communication will be done through my company right here in the United States.

I Want To See You Succeed

I have personally landed multiple 6 figure contracts by utilizing these video cards in pitches. If you need any tips on how to use them I don’t mind sharing my “secrets”.

Low Minimum Orders

We understand that some people don’t need 200+ cards. Because of that, we have low minimum orders all the way down to 10!

You Will Love Our Cards


Our cards are made of the highest quality of materials.


Our cards are extremely competitively priced for a US based company.

Custom Design

Because of our graphic design background, we can handle the designs of your cards.

Effective Marketing

These cards are a unique marketing tool that many people are not taking advantage of.

Multiple Sizes

We have a variety of sizes to fit all of your needs.

Customizable Features

Our cards are completely customizable. We can add volume buttons, play buttons and much more.

Latest Posts From Our Blog

Our blog was created to be a resource of ideas on how to use the Video Cards

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